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Harry Mayer GmbH
We, as an efficient trading and service company with our strong trade department for US-Army ...

We are here to assist you by providing a variety of products and services in a timely, efficient, and economical manner. We are committed to making your procurement needs easier. We will respond to your needs with a price quote, technical data and pictures for items required as well as accept orders and payment with the IMPAC Card all by Email. Being retired Army has given me the experience to understand your concerns and needs.
We are able to provide most everything necessary to properly equip your maintenance facility to include the sales, rental, repair, and service of tire mounting, brake testing, wheel alignment and balance equipment. We have steam cleaners, generators, hydraulic floor jacks, jack stands, hydraulic wheel lifts, pallet jacks and other specialized equipment along with a complete line of body shop accessories, impact wrenches and other hand tools to meet your needs.
We also are able to provide regular service contracts on a variety of equipment and machines and provide repairs to equipment on as needed basis. We are specialists in the repair / rebuild of most tire mounting and brake testing equipment currently on the market.
We are able to provide heater unit repair parts , major repair of heaters and also repair of FREQUENCY CONVERTER
I suggest that you check our prices before ordering any burner repair parts. We also can provide training on the repair of burner units at a nominal fee.
We provide long and short time rental of Portoilets, heaters, and waste disposal units during training exercises or to meet other special requirements.
We can also assist you in locating companies in your area that are able to meet your mission requirements and will assist in settling invoices for those companies not accepting the IMPAC card for a nominal fee.

For you as customers, we make our in long years compiled know-how usable.
We buy and supply Europe-wide. The Internet use is in our house standard, the program maintenance is natural for us. Click on which you are particularly interested or you send us a E-Mail
We advise you..... in all questions of our delivery pallet. We develop products and services in co-operation with our considerable manufacturers and our customers, also for the maintenance of machines and systems.
You are looking for products outside our delivery range?
Please contact us and we will deliver the product!



Harry Mayer GmbH
Schulstraße 35
65396 Walluf / Rheingau
Tel: 06123 /79 57 873
Fax: 06123/ 79 57 874

Bioremediating parts washer.
Without usual dangerous toxic solvents!
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